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art-1 : Why Switzerland HOME2

Quality and expertise

Precision, craftsmanship and skill: these are the words most often associated with the "Made in Switzerland” label. Not without reason. Attention...

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art-2 : Asset Management HOME2

Capital preservation

Banque Thaler is not a general bank, but one dedicated to portfolio management. Our job is to preserve your assets, generate growth...

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art-3 : A clear and strong balance sheet

A clear and strong balance sheet

Protecting and securing your assets is our highest priority. This is why Banque Thaler maintains a strong balance sheet with equity that substantially...

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art-4 : Event Raid HOME2


Raid Suisse-Paris

27-30 08/2015
Banque Thaler took part in the prestigious Switzerland-Paris Rally Raid at the end of August.

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Investment Topics (home)

Investment themes

Gold and goldmines

A Trump / Le Pen insurance

Following a steady drop from USD 1,360 per ounce in the summer of 2016 to USD 1,150


Out of the doldrums

2016 proved a record year for vessel transactions. Cash rich


Shale is the name of the game

For the last three months OPEC crude oil production